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Setting the Standard for Hydroponic Cultivation

Introducing the DWC SERIES, the most state-of-the-art line of hydroponic growing structure of its kind.

Manufactured in the USA out of aircraft-grade aluminum and non-voc materials, the DWC SERIES provides growers with a plug-and-play, plant-ready system that produces the highest quality conditions under which medical or food-grade plants can be cultivated. Using proven hydroponic growing techniques (TopFeed + Deep Water Culture + Bubbleponics) paired with patented nutrient nano-mixing technology, growers can finally have access to a fully-integrated product that maximizes crops to their full potential.

Real-Time Monitoring & Control Over Critical Growing Variables

The DWC SERIES enables precise control over the most important "Limiting Factors" of growing that can be remotely monitored and controlled from an onboard controller or from any internet-enabled device such as an iPad or iPhone. These Limiting Factors include:

  • Canopy Temperature (°F)
  • Lighting (LUX)
  • Humidity (%)
  • CO2 (PPM)
  • Root Temperature (°F)
  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Electro Conductivity (EC)
  • pH
  • ORP
  • & More

Furthermore, the DWC SERIES utilizes an aircraft-grade, aluminum, height-adjustable light bar with our SOGS-650X LED growing lights to maximize the amount of available light at the canopy, while reducing energy costs.


When compared to conventional growing techniques, the DWC SERIES monitors and controls, the amount of available Light, CO2, Humidity, Nutrients, PH, EC, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Water Temp. and ORP ( Oxygen Reduction Potential) which contributes directly to the size of a crops’ vegative growth and root mass, which scientifically relates to the amount of "fruits" a crop will bear. More Roots = More Fruits.

With the DWC SERIES, growers can produce healthier root masses, resulting in healthier, more efficient, more productive crops.


9' L x 5' W x 8' H Dimensions (45 Sq Ft)
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame Construction
Height Adjustable LED Light Bar with (2) Spectrum King 440W XP LED Lights
(4) Light Deprivation Curtains
(1) Deep Water Culture (DWC) Tank:    Food-Grade Stainless Steel
Top-Feed, DWC & Bubbleponics
Plant spacing for 1 plant per sq ft
Touch-Screen Fertigation Controller w/ Sensors to Monitor:   
Canopy Temperature (°F)
Lighting (LUX)
Humidity (%)
Root Temperature (°F)
Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
Electro Conductivity (EC)
Water Chiller for Optimum Root Temperature
Proprietary Onboard Water Conditioning & Nutrient Mixing System
Price is FOB Stuart, FL USA


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