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A Strong Finish For Your Growing Cycle

In both hydroponic and in soil cannabis growing, there is considerable debate about how to perform a “flushing” prior to harvesting the buds, and even whether a flushing is necessary.

As with any cash crop, a strong finish is just as important as robust early growth.

At SEA OF GREEN SYSTEMS, we believe there are benefits, provided you use the right material at the optimum time. If you choose to do a flushing, Cleanse offers the superior formulation to maximize the quality, taste and aroma of your buds without negatively affecting size or THC levels.

Enhance Bud Quality & Taste

Throughout the growing stages, your cannabis plants have been storing nutrients – in the sap in stems, leaves and roots – all of which can positively affect bud development, but in high concentrations, can negatively impact the quality of the fully-grown bud. Cleanse, applied during the last week before harvest allows the buds to finish at their best.

Removes Contaminants For Better Harvest

While flushing is more common in hydroponic growing, there is ample evidence that this practice also benefits cannabis grown in soil. Cleanse removes the excess minerals and nutrients within the plant and, just as importantly, from the growing medium, allowing plants a natural recovery period that gives you cleaner and better buds.


Superior Nutrition Will Yield Maximum Results

What Makes One Flushing Product Better Than Another?

It’s not uncommon for many cannabis growers who choose to flush the growing medium to use RO water or simple sugar water.

And while these are better than not flushing at all, Cleanse is formulated to remove excess minerals and nutrients in the plant and the growing medium while maintaining an environment that preserves and fosters microbial activity that will continue to benefit the plant in the last days and weeks before harvest.

The combination of Dextrose and Citric Acid within Cleanse provides active ingredients to support a positive bud completion without starving the plant or the environment that supports the plant.

The development of Cleanse incorporates Food Grade Standards, ensuring an approach to plant nutrition and a nal product that is free of manufactured toxins. With natural ingredients, along with high efficiency nutrients, you are assured of effective and sustainable cannabis plant nutrition.

An experienced staff of Agronomists, chemists and soil scientists make our team unique, with years of real world experience in plant and soil science. Our expertise provides you with a competitive edge to succeed in the complex and challenging cannabis marketplace.

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